• KBS
  • "Innovation and continuous improvements are indispensable to us’’
  • "We keep our promises"
  • “Customer satisfaction is paramount"
  • "Skilled workforce is our most valuable capital"
  • "We reinvest by using our own capital"
  • "We pride in sustainable and environmentally conscious manufacturing"
  • "We endeavour towards socially responsible projects."

Our long term commitment is augmenting our country’s economy whilst ensuring the continued protection of the environment as being intrinsically linked to our very own wellbeing and that of our children and towards those ends, we are governed by the following ethos which have been integral to our success:


To ensure continuity, we provide maintenances to all our systems and we constantly make improvements importing latest technology in the process.


       The core mission of Kartal Group is the national industry strategy based on being self –sufficient and exporting brand instead of using cheap labor. Based on this mission; we are working hard to encourage our country and to maintain our leadership in the direction of necessary researches for national workforce to gain qualification and technology to develop. In order not to be an industrial organization; focused on only demands and trusted with the infirmities of tunnel vision, we are representing our country among the giants of the world by offering our own supplies. We believe in integrated marketing and take the communication investments into an account seriously to gain qualification to our country’s global perception. We are implementing the global quality polices precisely for the Turkish quality to come into its own and prove this formally in every opportunity. We are aware that the world is the only and incomparable living space for all of us. We know that the harm given to the world will make all benefits meaningless and we work hard to create awareness in this direction.


       When trade is in question, the world map is drawn not according to political borders but by quality rules. With this perspective, the world is not that much fragmented and inaccessible but viewed by the, Kartal Group as a single market place. Our vision is being the heavy industrial company with strong roots but having global reach and acceptance. As not to be interdependent to others, we pride in the use of our own technology, forming our own literature when necessary and making the future’s projections for the world. We take calculated risks and offer attainable innovations. We believe in self-development and equitable growth as opposed to mere expansion. We believe in the balance of export revenues as required by the modern finance management.


  •  To establish customer oriented , capable of foresee and plan the future requrements sales and marketting organizations,
  • To construct effective and qualified HR which develops belonging and of which contributes to value of human and information,
  • To construct a monetary diciplin while managing the company resources,evaluating the financial reports in order to achieve institutioanal future,
  • To believe; Producing quality products,limitless service quality,institutioanal and HR quality, in general, will provide continuous benefit,
  • To keep and improve our notions ; social responsibilities , enviromantal care, not compromising from business ethics.